Sexy Feast: Anytime’s the Right Time for Dutch, Baby

dutch_baby_500Dutch, baby! That’s what I wanted to scream when my partner and I met up with friends for brunch last weekend at Tilikum Place Café.

This hidden gem in the shadow of the Space Needle offers two types of Dutch babies. The sweet offering was banana with an option of candied walnuts. The savory option has featured items like duck confit and goat cheese in the past, but this day’s was a combination of bacon and green onions.

I toiled with the tough decision until one of my dining companions blurted out, “You’ve gotta get the savory one. You can get a sweet Dutch baby anytime.”

Savory it was, though with a little pour of maple syrup on the side to add sweetness to the soufflé-like dish. The Dutch baby arrives cute in its own little cast iron pan, a puffy pancake with a crispy crust on the top and a delightfully custardy texture inside.

So what does Tilikum Place Café’s Dutch baby teach us about sex?

It’s about time.

In my lectures to college students, I outline three conditions (all beginning with the letter “A”) to meet before being ready to have sex:

  • Affirm: You need to affirm the other person–which means knowing their name (and not using alcohol as a social lubricant), being able to do it with lights on, and being able to look the other person in the eyes.
  • Accept: You must be willing to accept responsibility–which is using birth control if needed, preventing the spread of STIs, and obtaining consent.
  • Assure: You must ensure mutual pleasure–because you’re not in just for your own pleasure, but you want to bring pleasure to the person you’re with.

These conditions are actually relevant not only for young people, but everyone. And once these conditions are met, there’s then a fourth “A”: Anytime.

Anytime is the right time for a Dutch baby. Or a waffle. Or even cereal.

When something brings pleasure like a Dutch baby does, why relegate it to breakfast only? You can get a Dutch baby at Tilikum until 3pm. Maybe, if you ask nicely, they’ll serve you one in the late afternoon or evening.

It’s the same with sex. Don’t relegate it to the same time, every time. Mix it up. Break out of your routines. As with a Dutch baby, anytime is the right time for sex. (And, I might add, anywhere–but that’s a topic for another time.)

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on December 9, 2010.


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