Feeling Rich: The White Truffle Menu at Canlis

canlis_rabbit_truffles_500Never do I agree more with the adage that a dog is man’s best friend than when I’m eating truffles. Such was the case this past weekend when I enjoyed the special White Truffle Menu at Canlis, which will continue for a limited number of days, based on availability. The crew at Canlis was lucky to land some white truffles from the Umbria region of Italy, discovered by dogs during the hunt. (Traditionally, pigs have been the truffle hunters, but besides having a nose for them, pigs also have an appetite for them, which naturally hurts the yield.)

Like looking at a live lobster pre-meal, I got to see a couple of the truffles after ordering, and they were mighty impressive—each pushing the size of a baseball. And as the photos will reveal, Chef Jason Franey hit it out of the park in terms of integrating the truffles into each dish. This wasn’t the medicine dropper of truffle oil treatment, but some serious and sensible tastes of truffle throughout the meal. Rich and satisfying!

I’ll pretty much let the pictures tell the story of the White Truffle Menu. At $225 (plus $95 for the optional sommelier tasting flight), the meal doesn’t come cheap, but considering that white truffles are one of the most expensive foods in the world (running at $2,000 or more per pound), if you’re feeling flush, what better place to experience them than at Canlis?


Check out the size of these truffles!


Amuse Bouche: Sunchoke soup and white truffle ice cream – a super start


Risotto with poached egg yolk and white truffle – my favorite dish of the menu…so decadent!


Poussin with spaghetti savarin, vin jaune foam and white truffle – interesting, but my least favorite dish


Rabbit with polenta, foie gras and white truffle – rich, rich, rich


A palate cleanser: Pear sorbet with parsnip and vanilla puree, pumpernickel streusel, and preserved Meyer lemon


Actually, the dessert on the truffle menu is pistachio financier with cranberry curd, creme fraiche gel and white truffle, but chef sent out a multitude of desserts, and this was my favorite: crème fraiche parfait. More on this dessert, and more on the rest of the meal at Canlis (can you believe there was more?) in a future post.

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  1. bleurouge
    November 12, 2010 at 1:34 am #

    looks beautiful..

    Canlis is such a lovely place..if only I had the means to eat there more often…

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