Sexy Feast: Getting a Taste of Some Pupusa

pupuseria_500Once upon a time, there was a food writer who happened to be a sex educator. Always hoping for pleasure, he went out to satisfy his longing for Latino food. Pretty soon, he came upon three restaurants.

At the first, he placed an order for a burrito. He was hungry. It arrived, and he took his first bite.

“This burrito is too big, and too full of rice and beans!” he exclaimed.

So, he went on and tasted a taco from the second restaurant.

“This taco is too small, without enough substance,” he said.

So, he went to Guanaco’s Tacos Pupuseria and tasted a pupusa.

“Ahhh, this one is just right,” he said happily, and he ate it all up.

A pupusa is perfect. This Salvadoran treat is a stuffed, grilled flatbread. The corn tortilla is a little thicker than usual, and you get a choice of fillings, all of which shine through. Mine contained queso con loroco (cheese with a flower bud which has pleasant aroma and flavor), frijoles (beans), and chicharrón (cooked pork meat, ground to a paste). In addition to squeeze bottles of salsa, a pupusa comes with curtido–a crunchy, cabbage slaw that counters the softness of the pupusa.

Oh, and how delightfully soft that pupusa was. Pillowy soft. And just as Goldilocks moved from her meal to finding the ideal bed for her nap, the quest to find an ideal tortilla-wrapped treat reminds this sex educator of the need to find the right bedroom components for sex play. Comfortable sheets of high thread count cotton, or perhaps even silk. Throws and blankets to keep from getting cold. Hand towels to take care of those inevitable sticky messes.

And, yes, pillows, soft or firm, to use as bolsters. Or, even better, how about some sex furniture? Liberator Shapes offers great lines of curved and angled cushions–the Black Label adding restraints and tethers for extra fun. This “Bedroom Adventure Gear” comes with adventurous names, from the easy-to-imagine Wedge, Ramp, and Scoop to the use-your-imagination Whirl, BonBon, and Jaz.

And, who knows…maybe Liberator will name its next tasty toy the Pupusa?

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on October 7, 2010.

Guanaco's Tacos Pupuseria on Urbanspoon

Guanaco's Tacos Pupuseria on Urbanspoon


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