Fatty’s Corner Pizzeria brings New York to Greenwood

fattys_500This is more of a quick report than a review, as Fatty’s Corner Pizzeria had barely been open a week when I popped in over the weekend. Plus, being by myself, I only ordered a couple of slices, which isn’t the fairest way to evaluate quality.

I like the vibe. Fatty’s features a couple of New York guys (Tom and George) who are bringing a New York feel to their corner shop. Order at the counter, then grab an adjoining barstool or a seat at one of the few tables and watch as Tom hand-tosses your pie. Allow about ten minutes from start to finish if they’re not busy.

The flavor of my slices brought me back to New York (as did the New York memorabilia, mixed with some Seattle stuff, around the room). The homemade tomato sauce had an agreeably bright taste, and I liked the cheese, though wished for just a little more of it. This is definitely the kind of pizza slice you fold, with a little red-hued oil dripping off as you hold the slice downward. There’s room for improvement, especially structurally: I’d like just a little more char and semolina grit below, and a little blistering, bubbling action on top. The guys welcomed my feedback, and I hope to get back there soon to sample a whole pie.

(Also, the garlic knots are quite good – and kudos for having bottles of Mexican coke, made with real cane sugar instead of corn syrup.)

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  1. May 31, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    Angry Pizza enjoyed your review and I will get down there and check em out also!

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