Dishin’: Buffalo chicken livers at Joule

joule_buffalo_chicken_liver_lRemember when we lauded Joule restaurant’s chicken liver mousse popsicle? It was part of the “Chick-a-licious” menu of the Urban BBQ Series that Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi put together every summer. (See their Facebook events page for a preview of this year’s BBQ tour, which will take diners from Oaxaca to Sicily to Phuket, and more.) The addition of chocolate made lots of people new liver lovers.

Last night, we stopped in to try the natto gnocchi (Yang and Chirchi fold natto into the gnocchi dough, and serve it with walnut-nettle pesto and house-cured smoked bacon), but while we enjoyed it, what won us over even more were the Buffalo chicken livers. Your order will include a nice little basket of pillowy, breaded livers deep-fried and dunked in a spicy, tangy Buffalo sauce. Dip them into some of the accompanying lovage ranch dressing, and alternate with bites of pickled rhubarb.

It’s like bar food meeting fine dining. The result: an incredible symphony of flavors at a friendly cost of seven dollars per order. What a show!

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