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Fatty’s Corner Pizzeria brings New York to Greenwood

This is more of a quick report than a review, as Fatty’s Corner Pizzeria had barely been open a week when I popped in over the weekend. Plus, being by myself, I only ordered a couple of slices, which isn’t the fairest way to evaluate…

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Cochon 555: A view from the judging room

Last week at this time, it was year two of the Cochon 555 tour’s visit to Seattle, in which five local chefs prepare five (um…not necessarily local, but the point is to raise awareness about heritage breeds and family-owned farms around the country) pigs to…

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Dishin': Buffalo chicken livers at Joule

Remember when we lauded Joule restaurant’s chicken liver mousse popsicle? It was part of the “Chick-a-licious” menu of the Urban BBQ Series that Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi put together every summer. (See their Facebook events page for a preview of this year’s BBQ tour,…

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Dumpling alert: Din Tai Fung to the Seattle area

Note (11/22/10): Din Tai Fung has opened. Please read my challenging update.
A friend with Eastside restaurant knowledge told me first, and then a representative from the restaurant just confirmed it: Din Tai Fung (famous for its xiao long bao, pictured to the right, courtesy…

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Maneki: A mecca for Japanese food for over 100 years

There’s a reason a restaurant sticks around for 106 years.
Maneki has been a mainstay in the International District since 1904, and there’s no sign of slowing down. It’s often crowded on the weekends, when you might have to wait, with a recommendation to try…

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A very fine meal at Volterra

Sometimes you go out and a meal is everything you hope it will be. Such was the case at Volterra recently. Every dish was solid, not in a “Wow, this is life-changing” way, but in a way that made me say on this evening, “Wow,…

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Noodle Boat: The best Thai food in the area

In a town of 10,000 Thai restaurants (or so it seems), it might seem a bit strange that the best is actually a distance out of town: Noodle Boat in Issaquah. I assert this for three reasons: (1) There are many unique dishes, (2) Prices…

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Beyond Seattle: A backlog of bites

Founding Farmers (Washington, DC): I had to be at GWU and only had time for a quick bite. Many people recommended Founding Farmers, which was both convenient and delicious. I love the concept and the vibe, and would love to explore more of the menu.…

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Southern Kitchen: Comfort and discomfort

I’m a bit discomforted by my recent experience at Southern Kitchen, the beloved Tacoma famous for its screen door. I was making my first visit in many years, holding memories of delicious deep-fried dishes and big Ball jars of mango lemonade. Friends (fine dining types) …

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Soup’s on in The Newlywed Kitchen

I’m not a cookbook reviewer, and this certainly won’t be a cookbook review. Instead, I’d like to discuss how one dish and one person can enhance one’s culinary life.
If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve just returned from Tokyo. Aside from all…

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