Zipping in to Tavolata for Zeppole

We didn’t need dessert. Really. Akiko had just taken me for a fabulous sushi dinner to celebrate my birthday, and we were quite full. Plus, at home, should the sweet tooth strike, we had homemade lemongrass ice cream, fudge-like brownies, and other treats.

But as we hustled to the bus stop on that cold, windy evening, I did a double-take, not believing what I saw. Was that an open table on a weekend night? An attractive spot in the window, looking out on the street, with a heat fan providing warmth?

How could we resist?

And so it was that we found ourselves at Tavolata—an Ethan Stowell joint. (At the end of this month, I plan to list some of the standout dishes of the year, and Stowell has one of them.) And I knew what I wanted.


These bite-sized beauties are essentially doughnut holes that are dusted with powdered sugar. There’s a big bunch of them in the bowl, looking too numerous to eat in one sitting. Sure, zeppole are fried, but these are surprisingly light and airy, with a refreshingly lemony essence. Our server told us the zeppole are just about as good when reheated for breakfast. These, though, wouldn’t see the light of day. We ate ‘em all.

Fat. The perfect finish to a sushi meal?

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  1. December 3, 2009 at 5:31 pm #

    Yum. Also good zeppole at Cicchetti, fyi… and possibly more geared to the “zip in” experience.

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