BCD Tofu House: Have you got the guts?

Before I get into a negative rut, here’s a place I like – and it’s even a chain!

I discovered BCD Tofu House a few years ago when shopping at the Ranch 99 in Edmonds. Now there’s another branch, this time in the same shopping center as H Mart in Lynnwood. If you haven’t been to H Mart, go. It’s a fabulous Korean grocery store found in a baker’s dozen states. We’re lucky to have the Lynnwood store, as well as one in Federal Way, though I’d love to have an outlet right in Seattle. The meat and seafood sections are amazing (pretty much anything you can imagine), the produce selection large, and there’s quite a bit of good kimchi both fresh and aged.

BCD’s got a bunch of locations in California, as well as one in Tokyo and a couple in Korea. There are various items on the menu, but the main draw is the soon tofu menu of soft tofu soups. They’re all $8.99, with a choice of beef, pork, seafood, kimchi, dumplings, mushroom, and more. Me? You can count on me getting the “gut premium,” which naturally drew a look of curiosity from the woman who took my order. What can I say? I like intestines.

The tofu is silky soft, and the soup is nice and spicy. (I order mine extra spicy, but you can also request a milder version.) The order comes with rice in a stone pot, and a decent selection of banchan – including a whole fried fish.

I’ve had better, but this stuff is pretty good, and it’s cheap and convenient when I’m loading up a shopping cart of bargains at H Mart.

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BCD Tofu House on Urbanspoon



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  1. December 28, 2009 at 6:08 am #

    I haven’t tried the restaurant there, but I will have to give it a shot the next time I am down there. H Mart is definitely one of my favorite Asian stores and I love their selection of greens!

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