Alone at the Top (Sound/City Arts 12/09): Kerry Sear of ART

Chef Kerry Sear of ART Restaurant embraced the year-end Dish-Off challenge so much that he asked me to come in and experience his vision for a multi-course meal based on Pink Floyd’s album The Wall. Sear’s creative (he’s a longtime painter, and before becoming a chef, he wanted to design album covers); his menu based on the song “Mistress of the Salmon Salt” (Sound, 9/09) even garnered the attention of a Blue Oyster Cult band member! I enjoyed Sear’s wry wit as I got to know more about this man whose grandmother was the main force behind him getting interested in food.

He and his staff prepared four dishes:

Song: “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1”
Dish: Welsh rarebit, ham hock and potato soup, sea salt bread crust, cabbage, sliced bratwurst with mustard

The foundation of the wall (chili-spiced tuile) separates the German and English (WWII combatants) sides of the plate. Note the tin plate and thermos.

Song: “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”
Dish: Roast chicken terrine, English pea custard, garden vegetable salad, tormented dressings (chipotle chili dressing, black pepper whiskey, sour lemon mustard), blackboard crouton

The wall (olive bread) is now one-quarter built. The old Four Seasons plate holds food that represent the torments of an overbearing mother and overpowering teacher. These are foods of childhood, and the three dressings represent heat, the influence of alcohol, and sourness/bitterness.

Song: “Don’t Leave Me Now”
Dish: Loin of lamb, herb foam, balsamic beets, pearl root vegetables, vanilla yams, caviar cake, lamb jus

See the full report for an explanation of this dish, with its wall now half-built.

Song: “Comfortably Numb”
Dish: Milk chocolate pumpkin mousse cake, sugar hammer

And now, the whole wall (made by Pastry Chef Ryan Witcher), ready to be torn down.

And a peek at the menu:

You can find the full report here.

All photos in the post by Rina Jordan.

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