A glutton for punishment at Genki Sushi

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: When it comes to kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi, I’m a glutton for punishment. Even when I set my expectations low, I find myself generally disappointed. At least in the States. I had better luck during my last trip to Japan.

But I’m in Seattle, and I was overdue to try Genki Sushi. I have to say: I was excited by the “art installation” at the entry:

As for the sushi, it was okay, at best. I saw a number of things on the conveyor belt that looked unappetizing. Best bite of the night: saba-no bo-sushi, which is mackerel rolled with rice to make a sushi stick. Worst bite of the night: buta-no kakuni, or pork belly, which was one of the one dollar specials that night. Let me assure you, this dish, with its non-Japanese mustard, was simply a mess:

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