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A toast to the end of 2009

A few “drinking establishments” to report on, and then I’m finally caught up on my restaurant posts for most of 2009.
I had a first foray into Tini Bigs (back when Jamie Boudreau was tending bar) and discovered the danger of too many compelling cocktails:…

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Quick bites and carts that reach new heights

Here are five quick bites, culminating with news about a national champion.
Ivar’s is a Seattle institution. No doubt about that. And that institution was in the news this year, with stories about its underwater billboards. For me, the story is whether its food warrants…

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Salmon in the Battle for Seattle

Summer also marked the first Battle in Seattle, featuring Chef David Hahne of host restaurant Enotria against Chef Takashi Ogasawara of Rain Modern Infusion Cuisine. In this crudo versus sashimi competition, the secret ingredient was salmon, and both chefs plated up three courses for a…

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Further afield: Russell’s and Salish Lodge

Back in the summer, I was lucky to experience two wonderful meals on successive days, both “in the fields” far from Seattle.
The American Lamb Board sponsored a wonderful dinner at Russell’s in Bothell. A barnful of fabulous chefs were on hand to create dishes…

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An array of Asian eateries

Still catching up on all my pre-December restaurant reports. Consider these quick bites of the Asian variety:

Buddha Ruksa serves up some beautiful plates, placing it in the upper echelon of Thai restaurants in the Seattle area. Not as high as Noodle Boat in Issaquah,…

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Alone at the Top (Sound/City Arts 12/09)

Over the course of this year, “Dish-Off” challenged chefs at 28 restaurants to create dishes inspired by songs with ingredients in their titles. The results were spectacular, from Olivar’s Weezer-inspired Pork and Beans, to Il Fornaio’s White Chocolate Space Eggs—delivered to the table as the…

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Alone at the Top (Sound/City Arts 12/09): Kerry Sear of ART

Chef Kerry Sear of ART Restaurant embraced the year-end Dish-Off challenge so much that he asked me to come in and experience his vision for a multi-course meal based on Pink Floyd’s album The Wall. Sear’s creative (he’s a longtime painter, and before becoming a…

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Count the (312,120+) ways at The Counter

Following yesterday’s vegan break, we now return to our previously carnivorous ways.
Step #1 of the “Build Your Own Burger” scorecard at The Counter has a vegetarian option, but I was there for the beef. Just a one-third pounder, thanks, though there are 2/3 and…

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Plum good vegan food, with an asterisk

Since I ruined the previous entry for some by adding intestines to the tofu, how about a true vegetarian entry for a change? Or, even better, a vegan entry?
I had a chance to check out Plum Bistro in Capitol Hill when it opened earlier…

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BCD Tofu House: Have you got the guts?

Before I get into a negative rut, here’s a place I like – and it’s even a chain!
I discovered BCD Tofu House a few years ago when shopping at the Ranch 99 in Edmonds. Now there’s another branch, this time in the same shopping…

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