A peek at Peak’s Frozen Custard

I’d like to say that it’s the dog days of summer that have me posting less, but it’s actually because Gastrolust is moving its headquarters. Not far. Just a few blocks. In a few weeks. But it’s keeping me extremely busy. The new place has lots of space, so there’s a little furniture shopping to do. I’m trying to avoid the stores at Southcenter, so I went to Ravenna. Doggish day that it was, Peaks Frozen Custard tempted me, so I walked in, tentatively, as my last custard experience wasn’t so special.

No Viagra ice cream here; it’s not even ice cream. Custard is—and should be—creamier and softer. I sampled the blueberry crisp, the special of the day, which was more crisp than blueberry, so I settled for the unadulterated flavors of vanilla and chocolate. Both the texture and flavors were richer than Old School, which pleased me. While it wasn’t love at first bite with the vanilla, its subtle sweetness grew on me. And made me appreciate the chocolate even more. They make it with Belgian Callebaut, so it’s about the chocolate, not the sugar.

Not bad, I thought, looking out the window at Dania and thinking that a nap on the round lounge sofa I liked there might be a good thing once the sugar rush ended.

But I still like ice cream better.

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  1. Chuck Strempler
    September 6, 2009 at 9:27 pm #

    Frozen custard actually is an ice cream according to the FDA. Ice cream is a frozen dairy dessert containing at least 10% butterfat. The FDA defines custrard as an ice cream containing at least 1.4% egg yolk in the base. The difference in taste and texture comes mainly from the differences in preparation from typical ice cream.

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