Dishin’: Tacos at the El Camion Taco Truck

We’re still remembering (and likely digesting) all the great food we ate in Portland recently. Look for a report on that soon. We hit too many restaurants in too few days, failing to leave stomach space to sample from the incredible number of food carts scattered about the city.

It was time to catch up on home and garden work, so we found ourselves in the midst of extended shopping on the north end of town. Too much shopping. Missing our next meal. So, what to do for a snack?

Taco truck! El Camión is conveniently parked in front of the Home Depot on Aurora Ave, and we knew that a couple of cheap tacos could tide us over. And when we order two tacos, you should know by now that likely means one tongue and one tripe. (Unless we go for crazy for cabeza – the beef cheeks.) Quick wait at the window, place the order, sit at one of the umbrella-ed tables, pick up upon being called, add salsas (they have a good variety of ’em) and some radishes and jalapenos to the plate, and then back to the table to squeeze some lime and enjoy the al fresco dining. Close your eyes, and you’re in Mexico. Open your eyes, and you see the big Home Depot sign and suddenly remember those home improvement projects that are awaiting. In between, enjoy those $1.35 tacos. And maybe a Mexican Coke. You can also order the likes of gorditas, mulitas, tamales and tortas, but tacos are the perfect snack, and they’re on par with those of other Mexican taco trucks we’ve tried.

But how do they compare to Korean tacos? Stay tuned…

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