Delights at DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine

Sometimes a stroll through Pike Place Market yields lots of snacking, but still space in the stomach for something more substantial. That happened to me recently, so with my memory of the pizza at Serious Pie in mind, I thought a slice at DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine would be perfect.

At the cafe just inside the entrance off 1st Avenue, you can buy rectangular pieces of pizza, as well as the day’s panini or soup. I went for the plain cheese slice, and while it was filling enough, it was more like bread than pizza. Too much dough, and not enough cheese and sauce for my taste.

Luckily, I love DeLaurenti for other reasons. The store is a great resource for chocolate, cheese, and charcuterie, as well as a good variety of other groceries. From DeLaurenti, I was headed to a barbeque party on Bainbridge Island, so it was a perfect place to pick up some prosciutto. I wrapped some paper-thin slices around figs, and the rest around Rainier cherries that I pitted and stuffed with just a little bit of thyme. After putting one of each on skewers, I grilled them just slightly – enough to warm up the fruit and get the juices (mine and the fruit’s) flowing. These skewers were such a hit that there was no opportunity to take a photo of the final product. Instead, pictured are the skewers ready to hit the grill.

Pardon the pizza, unless you like that particular style, but definitely include DeLaurenti as part of your Pike Place market shopping experience.

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  1. July 29, 2009 at 2:03 pm #

    DeLaurenti’s is great, absolutely. Super cheese counter and they are very happy to have you taste lots. Also non-obvious: they have fresh pasta behind that counter as well, just tell them whether you want plain or spinach, and spaghetti/fettucini/linguini, and they cut it on the spot with a pretty nifty machine.

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