MOD Super Fast Pizza is fast, but not so super

Let’s see if I can serve up this review as quickly as MOD Super Fast Pizza served up my pizzas.

We had tickets to a sneak preview of The Soloist last night, which necessitates getting to Pacific Place an hour early to secure a place in line. We’ve picnicked in the past, but with little time to prepare anything, “Super Fast” sounded right – and it’s nearby at 6th and University.

MOD stands for made-on-demand. Every “personal” pie is $5.54 (an odd price, as it doesn’t round up to $6 once tax is added) and includes as many toppings as you’d like. Really. We got a regular Calexico (well, with green peppers added) and then a customized version (substituting pepperoni for the chicken, and adding a few extra ingredients), because of the “it’s hot” promise – but the couple of pieces of jalapeno gave off little heat.

And hence the problem. While there’s a huge variety of toppings, you don’t get enough on the pie. Order just one or two toppings, and your pizza might be more like chips and salsa, as the crust is much like a tortilla.

Verdict: The movie was far better than the pizza. While I like the concept – a customized, quick pie that takes just two minutes in the oven, which was at 816 degrees – it just wasn’t anything special. Delancey, when do you start serving?

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  1. Chris
    April 29, 2009 at 11:19 pm #

    Those pictures look great to me! I would pay $5.54 for a pizza like that any day. The pizza looks good and the place sounds like a rising star.

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