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Sound 3/09: Promised Land

Sound challenges three chefs to turn heavenly visions into delicious dishes
Sitting in a blue room, staring at the wall
Trying to get into anything at all
Cigarettes taste funny as I sink into my bed
Dreams of milk and honey are running through my…

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Tokyo: A Year-End Dinner at Le Pergolèsé

Update: Le Pergolèsé is now a Michelin-starred restaurant.
My other fine dining experience in Tokyo, in addition to the kaiseki lunch at Kakou, was a fantastic dinner at Le Pergolèsé in the Tokyo Hilton. Akiko and I were enjoying what’s become an annual stay at…

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Tokyo: A fabulous kaiseki meal at Kakou

My fantastic meal at Kisaku has me thinking back to a very special experience I enjoyed in Tokyo a few months ago.
Much of my activity was centered around the Shinjuku Station area. It’s an especially hustle-bustle area of the city—not necessarily suited to my…

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Food photography: My final frontier

As I watch newspapers and magazines scale back and even go belly up, I feel lucky to continue having the opportunity to write my “Dish-Off” monthly reviews for Sound magazine. It’s certainly not a gig I do for the money. If you consider the time…

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Kisaku continues to delight with Seattle’s best sushi

In last year’s listing of Seattle’s top five Asian restaurants, I included Kisaku as my top Japanese pick. A recent visit reconfirmed why this is my go-to place for sushi and more.
The occasion was a birthday celebration for my special someone. The sushi serenade…

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Long brings Little Saigon to downtown Seattle

I hope I’m wrong about Long.
(The words don’t rhyme, by the way.)
I understand the excitement. It’s nice to have a taste of the International District downtown. We’ve got the recently reviewed Thoa’s slightly south of Pike Place Market, and now we’ve got Long…

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A culinary celebration with Rising Stars in Seattle

The stars did, indeed, come out in Seattle last night. The Rising Stars, that is. hosted the Rising Stars Revue, which I’d already previewed, so yesterday at last came the opportunity to take part in the gala tasting of dishes by a baker’s dozen…

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Canlis serves up a sweet Seattle evening

It was a special someone’s birthday recently, so to mark the occasion, what better place than Canlis?
We didn’t do the whole meal there, though we’ve enjoyed that experience immensely in previous visits. As sushi was the birthday request, we first went to our favorite…

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Wine and dine at Taste Washington

Two weeks from today marks the start of Taste Washington, the “ultimate wine experience” sponsored by the Washington Wine Commission.
This annual event provides an opportunity to meet more than 200 winemakers and 75 restaurants. Public events begin on Saturday, April 4, with a series…

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Tongue-in-Cheek dinner at Monsoon East

Quickie: Over at Examiner, I posted about the upcoming Tongue-in-Cheek dinner on April 1 at Monsoon East. The menu looks fabulous!…

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