Burlington, VT: The Skinny Pancake

I was recently in Burlington, Vermont and met up with friends for lunch at The Skinny Pancake. One of them decided to play “restaurant reviewer” and emailed me her playful write-up, which I’ve decided to present to the world. (It gives good insight into what it’s like to eat with a food writer.)

An out-of-town guest is the perfect excuse for a late afternoon lunch. Our latest visitor accompanied us for a meal at The Skinny Pancake. We’ve been there many times and were anxious to show off a favorite spot. Upon arrival, we began with the requisite greeting of acquaintances already lunching at various tables, passed around business cards, and pressed each other for updates on Facebook.

Once these pleasantries were out of the way, we were free to focus on the charming menu. Our first debate was between “sweet” and “savory” crepes. Sadly, the most intriguing crepe selection was labeled: SOLD OUT. Settling for second choice, we ordered at the counter, helped ourselves to drinks, and found a table on the upper level.

The restaurant was busy. A few tables were angled to take full advantage of the lake view, but our seats allowed for a glance at the crepe-making and came with a built-in, miniature fire pit. We hadn’t brought marshmallows, and none were provided. But our food arrived promptly, with only some minor confusion from the servers.

My apple crepe with apple filling, apple sauce, apple butter, and cider reduction glaze was the apple of my stomach’s eye! A Delicious fragrance preceded a Gala taste, and made me wish I could share a bite with my dear Granny Smith. My husband ordered the Garlique Chic special, and declared it “mmmbly slurp chomp grrph mmmm.” As a stereotypical tourist and food-writing foodie, our guest felt the need to photograph all aspects of the lunch for later scrapbooking activities, thereby delaying our gratification. Grr. But he’s still our friend, and we enjoyed our lovely lunch without too much analysis of the food.

For the record, I also ordered the Garlique Chic: a crepe filled with chicken, onions, pesto, and lots of garlic. Not bad, and combined with a delicately dressed salad that came on the side, quite filling. In fact, filling enough that I didn’t get to sample one of the sweet crepes that looked oh-so-tempting. Next time. And if with my friends, I’ll try to shoot my photographs faster!

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  1. Jay Peterson
    February 25, 2009 at 5:33 pm #

    I just got an email of this blog post through a google alert for “burlington restaurant review”. Nice review! I thought I would post just to say that I went in for lunch today and there was a huge addition to their menu. They’d had the same menu for awhile but now there are literally more than a dozen new crepes and other dishes. I haven’t tried the new ones yet but they look really original.

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