Dishin’: Sea-Tac Fly-By of Waji’s

Having recently returned to the States from Asia, I’m thinking about all the great noodles, dumplings, and sushi you can get at airports on the other side of the Pacific – not to mention the bento boxes the Japanese take on their trips. And I’m reminded of an odd experience I had last year, transferring planes in my own home city of Seattle while traveling from Orange County to Lewiston. With a mad dash to a connecting flight right in terminal C, I was famished and wondered where to grab a quick bite. Alaska Airlines’ blueberry snack bar just wasn’t going to sustain me. (At least the snack didn’t have religious messages attached to it.)

I’d never had a need to sample Sea-Tac’s food. I like seeing local restaurants in the airport, but I was far from the Marketplace and all its options. Wanting something somewhat healthy, Waji’s was there.

I had high hopes for this Uwajimaya outpost at the airport. Without enough time for a cooked meal (probably the best choice), I glanced at the sushi, but couldn’t find anything fishy enough. So I instead settled for a beef teriyaki wrap, which turned out to be more like a lettuce wrap with scant shavings of carrot and cuke – and very little meat (eliciting memories of Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercials).

If I wanted to simply fill the stomach, the $1.99 box of spam musubi would have been worthwhile. But what Sea-Tac really needs is one of those Vietnamese places, with banh mi, bowls of pho, or $3 boxes chock full of food. I would then be excited to eat at the airport, or to bring those good smells on the airplane.

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