Dishin’: Oui, We Love Poulet a la Presse

One hour.

A flicker to some, forever to others. For us, a fantastic opportunity to get our juices flowing at Café Presse.

The front room is fun, but we like the elbow room and more relaxed atmosphere of the tables in the back. We also appreciate the helpful and unrushed service. One hour is what you’ll wait upon placing your order for the famed roasted chicken. Time for us to kick back with our demi-pichet of wine, whimsically ordering whatever whets our appetites: the simply elegant salade verte, the smooth-talking chicken liver terrine with dried cherry compote, the magnificent mussels with bacon, spinach and saffron cream (everything’s better with bacon).

But….oh, the chicken. At $26 for two people, it comes divided on a couple of plates. That’s a good thing, as we normally fight for the rights to the dark meat, but this time we were beholden to the breast. With skin as beautifully brown as the accompanying fries (which could have been crisper, but that’s just a minor complaint), we couldn’t wait to pierce it with our knives, creating that crackling sound. Skin is good. And beneath it, the white meat glistening–this chicken was the star of the show.

Such a star that Café Presse also serves it cold with mayonnaise, just like you’d eat it out of your refrigerator the next day. But, dreams of leftovers were fleeting, as we couldn’t stop marveling at the moistness, eating until just the bare bones were piled on the plates. And lest you forget, this is the sister restaurant to Le Pichet, so we somehow saved space for the must-do chocolat chaud. From start to finish, we’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to while away the hours than at Café Presse.

Originally posted at Seattlest (where “we” = me) on February 18, 2008.

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