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Extra Bites: Meat Me at Capital Grille, Smith and Kushibar

Now that our vegetarianism interlude is behind us, it’s time to get back to meat, expanding beyond burgers and catching up on a few extra bites from last year. First stop is the Capital Grille, where a dinner-by-invitation also yielded a group of us a…

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Dishin’: Szechuan Bean Flower Says “You Won’t Eat It”

Last week we raved about how much we love “the other parts of a pig,” and documented the many times we’ve been asked “Can you really eat that?”
This time around, we went to Szechuan Bean Flower and insisted on eating something from the Chinese…

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Vegetarianism, Sex and the Super Bowl

Vegetables Gone Wild! PETA’s put out an ad that’s too hot for the Super Bowl, at least according to NBC.
The ad itself is below, but check out the PETA site for related video clips, as well as the link to NBC’s complete list of…

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Extra Bites: BOKA for Burgers and Brunch

Can you stand just one more post about burgers for now? How about a quick report? Let’s drive down Queen Anne Avenue, past Hilltop Ale House and Peso’s and Dick’s (sites of our past burger reviews), and after a little left and right turn, 1st…

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Dishin': Peso’s Screaming Deal on Burgers

After our recent jaunt up to Ballard for burgers at Lunchbox Laboratory, the quest continues on Queen Anne Avenue. We already hit Dick’s and Hilltop Ale House, so upon recommendation, we headed to Peso’s for happy hour.
Look beyond the short menu at your table…

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Canlis Cooks Up a Golden Valentine’s Day Celebration

My mailbox is overflowing with restaurants revving up their Valentine’s Day promotions. But one in particular caught my eyes, celebrating the spirit of the day.
Canlis would like to honor one “golden couple” whose marriage has survived and thrived for fifty years. Couples can nominate…

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Dishin': Getting Sauced at Tidbit

Per the dictionary definition, a tidbit is a delicate or tender morsel of food…a choice or pleasing bit.
Tidbit, the north Capitol Hill restaurant that’s Italian meets Spanish in a non-fusion fashion, offered us tidbits aplenty during a recent visit. And it was in the…

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Dishin’: Oui, We Love Poulet a la Presse

One hour.
A flicker to some, forever to others. For us, a fantastic opportunity to get our juices flowing at Café Presse.
The front room is fun, but we like the elbow room and more relaxed atmosphere of the tables in the back. We also…

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Dishin’: Longing for Our Pal, Pelmeni

Still lamenting Seattle’s lack of quality xiao long bao, Seattlest picked up a copy of A World of Dumplings and decided we’d start making them on our own. (Refining the recipe will take time, so don’t hold your breath on a restaurant opening anytime soon.).…

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Extra Bites: Quinn’s Wild Boar Sloppy Joe

Since we’ve been talking burgers lately, it’s a good time to get back to my extra bites of 2008 and tell you that one of the best bites on a bun had to be the wild boar sloppy joe ($10) at Quinn’s. Oh…luscious, luscious. I…

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