Pizza Postscript to the Family Visit

Even the one family trip to New York City for better food was a bit of a bust. I thought it would be interesting for my father and sister to see Brooklyn, where they both lived ages ago but hadn’t really seen in decades. Target: DUMBO for a little stroll, some pizza at Grimaldi’s, and maybe dessert at Jacque Torres.

I know there’s usually a line at Grimaldi’s but seems an unusually warm, sunny day brought everybody out of their homes and into a mid-afternoon line that stretched well down the street – a two-hour wait. I should have then driven to DiFara, but unsure of the wait there and seating for five, we were stuck (and stuck on the idea of pizza) and settled for a roll of the dice at the nearby Front Street Pizza. A handful of pinwheels (ham & swiss and sausage & pepperoni) sated our hunger until our pie was ready: half cheese, half Buffalo chicken (the kids’ idea). About $15 for an 18-inch pizza, which isn’t a bad deal. Not bad, but a far cry from what I wanted.

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The only thing salvaging the sad trip to Brooklyn was the need to travel through Chinatown. The bat mitzvah kid and her brother love xiao long bao, and it being her actual birthday, I drove around a ridiculous amount of time to find parking near Joe’s Shanghai, where we enjoyed a couple of baskets. (I think my father and sister found it – the xiao long bao and the whole trip – rather peculiar.)

I’d finally get a good meal the next day, at Momofuku Ssam Bar. Stay tuned for that report. But after that meal, I still had a bit of a sweet tooth. The Union Square Greenmarket was on my walk back to the train, but being late in the day, nothing special caught my eye. (Well, except for goat ice cream, but it was a large container and wouldn’t survive the commute back to West Orange.) Then I saw $1.00 slices of pizza, a seemingly endless opening promotion at 2 Bros. Pizza Plus. I couldn’t resist. This would be my dessert. Again, not bad, and better than Seattle’s pizza, but as I ate my last bite, I saw even better slices (thicker and cheesier) coming out of the oven. Oh well. Bad pizza luck continues. (But Tic Tac Toe was interesting!)

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