Dishin’: Shucker’s and Self-Huckstering

Realizing we’re in the midst of the “R” months, we had a sudden craving for happy hour oysters. But where? Recalling a recent review, we Googled “shucker’s happy hour oysters” and quickly jumped on a bus after reading the first result: a June reprint of a 2006 rave in the Seattle Weekly about Shucker’s fifty-cent oysters, two-dollar margaritas, and free parmesan crisps.

We lost on almost all three accounts. Oysters had doubled to a dollar each (more than two years ago, according to one server). Margaritas had also doubled in price. And a bread basket had replaced the parmesan crisps; an inquiry to a friendly waitress revealed that they were hiding behind the bar.

Lessons learned: Do your due diligence. Find food reviewers, message board contributors, and bloggers you trust. Call ahead to the restaurant to get the information you need. And ask your server for what you want. You’re the diner, and you deserve a great experience for your hard-earned money. Everything in the restaurant business is subject to change. [If we’d only taken time to read the second Google result, a later review from the same publication, we would have had more accurate information!]

By the way, as for Shucker’s: nice presentation of a variety of oysters, accompanied by real horseradish and mignonette sauce. The service was appropriately attentive, and we enjoyed watching the passers-by from our cozy window seats. Oh… and the parmesan crisps are worth the work.

Originally posted at Seattlest (where “we” = me) on December 10, 2007. On this day after the election, it seems appropriate to serve up oysters for Obama!

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