Bento Bound at Fuji Sushi

Ramen was what I really wanted, but it was sold out. More on that another time. Dejected, my dining companion and I left the restaurant, strolled out to the street, and ended up at another one: Fuji Sushi.

She ordered the katsudon: deep-fried pork cutlet (tonkatsu) simmered in dashi then cooked with egg, served over rice with some pickled ginger, onions and peas. It’s a donburi (rice bowl dish, hence the name katsudon) that’s typical of the comfort food of Japan.

Still saddened by the loss of Takohachi, my favorite restaurant for saba shioyaki (grilled mackerel), I decided to see if Fuji Sushi could fill the void. Saba shioyaki’s a staple at most Japanese restaurants. It comes with grated daikon, (to which you add soy sauce and put atop your bite of fish), miso soup, rice and pickled vegetables or salad. As part of a bento order at Fuji Sushi, I got ebi-fry (fried shrimp) and a couple of pieces from a sushi roll to finish my set lunch.

The verdict: not bad, but not lifting my spirits after missing out on ramen. It’s hard to get katsudon terribly wrong, so that dish was okay. The saba shioyaki, though, wasn’t as crispy or tasty as I wanted. So, my search for good saba shioyaki continues.

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  1. Hullabaloo
    February 28, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    katsudon looks really good… don’t like sushi though

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