What’s Cookin’: Bones, at Cremant and Monsoon

We love bones. And we’re here to give you some solid advice about where you indulge if you, too, are a bone-a-fide bone-lover.

cremant%20roasted%20marrow%20bones%20300.JPGCrémant recently launched an “Egg-centric” brunch service (weekends, 10-3), and in addition to some good-looking egg and potato dishes (each month’s menu will feature different types of eggs from different farms), you can order Roasted Marrow Bones with Parsley Salade. Or you can have marrow bones, as we recently did, for dinner. Mmm…unctuous. These bones had nice width, making it easy to scoop out the marrow, which appreciate a hit of salt. If you’re feeling particularly festive about marrow, join Crémant for their Halloween and All Saints’ Day celebration when they feature “Bones and Blood” on the menu. (Blood represented by Choucroute Garnie: Sauerkraut with Blood Sausage, Boudin Blanc and Pork Loin.)

monsoon%20crispy%20spare%20ribs%20300.JPGMeanwhile, Monsoon has just started an “Alive @ 5” happy hour, running 5 until 6:30 weekdays. For five bucks a pop, you can sample eight different food items, six types of wines, and a handful of desserts. We especially enjoyed the Crispy Oregon Country Spare Ribs, which, like marrow bones, are roasted. But these are then fried in peanut oil, which can withstand a high temperature and therefore create excellent crisping. The ribs have wonderful flavor; we believe we detected cayenne, five-spice, and certainly a healthy amount of salt (which makes these bites cry out for beer) in the batter.

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