Sticks and Bones at Kushibar

Finally, we have good yakitori in Seattle. And, if all goes as planned, we’ll have a wide variety of good quality ramen as well.

Kushibar is opening today. Hopefully they’ve already got plenty of pork bones simmering to make the ramen broth. I haven’t had a chance to sample the ramen yet, but I did enjoy lots of kushiyaki at a recent preview party. Billy Beach, formerly at Umi Sake House, is at the helm, cooking up skewers (kushi) of meat, fish and vegetables over charcoal. He encourages you to be adventurous when ordering. I do, too. Regular chunks of beef and chicken are fine, but tongue, liver, and heart can be even better. In fact, kawa (skin) was my favorite dish of the night.

In Tokyo, you can enjoy your yakitori at little streetside stalls under the tracks, shouting over the rumble of the rails. Kushibar offers you a streetside experience (if you choose the outdoor seating of the nifty sidewalk patio) that will be similarly noisy (it’s got the feel of a Belltown bar), but also similarly tasty. So it was at the preview. I look forward to returning after the opening, with a chance to try more kushiyaki and other menu items—including ramen that owner Steven Han boasts will be the best in Seattle.

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