More at Flushing’s Golden Mall: Lamb Burger and Noodles

You didn’t think the Sichuan stall was the only place we enjoyed at Flushing’s Golden Mall, did you? Next stop was Xi’an Famous Snacks, where we enjoyed a lamb burger (zi ran chao yang rou jia mo). Yum. Lamb and cumin have become one of my favorite flavor combinations, and with chile peppers and pickled jalapenos added, this was a tasty sandwich—though relatively mild following the sizzling heat of the Sichuanese food.

Then…Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

We knew that sound meant the chance to eat hand-pulled noodles. But eating is just half the fun. Wherever in the world I see someone making noodles, I find it mesmerizing. Especially Asian noodles. As I watched the noodle-maker stretching and slamming the dough against the small counter, I was amazed as I watched the noodles form, growing in number exponentially with each twist and turn. We enjoyed these noodles (biang biang mien?) in soup; it was less exciting than the other dishes we sampled in the food court, but it’s comfort food that comes with its own show.


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