Harboring Dim Sum Doubts at Harbor City

I’ve long lamented the lack of good dim sum in Seattle, but with a dim sum–loving friend moving soon to China, we decided to have one last Chinese meal for the foreseeable future. Of course, he’ll soon be having great Chinese food daily, and perhaps I’ll have to sneak a visit over there for the real deal.

We headed to Harbor City. It’s one of those little International District joints with duck and the like hanging in the front window; I trust those meats have changed since ownership did recently. It was evening, but the staff was willing to send out some dim sum. We ordered the requisite har gow—the test of quality of dim sum places. Oh no. These shrimp dumplings may be average for Seattle standards, but disappointing with their wimpy wrappers and so-so shrimp filling. We tried two other dim sum items. Shrimp dumplings with chive were a little tastier, and I quite liked the panfried shrimp wrapped with bean curd—the nori surprisingly stuck inside adding extra bite. But, overall, this dim sum only made me yearn for what’s better above our northern border.

Three baskets ($8.50) being enough, it was time to move on to the regular menu. So we ordered a mutual favorite: roasted duck ($5.00 for a quarter-plate) Not bad. The skin was nice and crisp, and I always like to nibble all the meat bits off of the bones. We added a plate of greens ($9), and settled back for a decent dinner, interesting discussion, and all the Muzak we could enjoy endure.

With all the delicious food waiting at his destination, I’m sure my friend won’t miss Harbor City much. I’ll miss my friend, but I really need to remember to take a miss on future dim sum invitations in Seattle.

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