Dishin’: The Pagliacci Slice

Sometimes we just want a slice of pizza. Not a pie. Not a square. Not a round. We’re talking a slice – one that you can grab with a hand, fold inward, and then tilt downward to watch the grease drip to the paper plate before you take that precious first bite

No forks and knives for us, thanks. We’re doing it New York style.

And given our East Coast sensibilities, we know not to expect the same quality here. Still, we’d like something close. Everyone’s got a favorite. We’ve had decent days visiting A New York Pizza Place, Post Alley Pizza, Piecora’s, and Pizza Brava. But most reliable is Pagliacci. As often as we’re tempted by the toppings du jour, we ultimately realize it’s best not to get all Wolfgang Puckish, and instead go for ol’ reliable: the simple cheese slice (or, at most, pepperoni – a real New Yorker never does more).

We’re not quite ready to render decisions on the trendy Tutta Bella and Via Tribunali joints. And we wouldn’t dare to compare our fare to the wonder that is Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. (If you’re looking to make the pilgrimage, act quickly; septuagenarian Domenico De Marco is the only one to make the pies, and after 40 years, who knows how many more he’ll make?) But if it’s a serviceable slice you seek, a slice is nice at Pagliacci.

Cross-posted at Seattlest (where “we” = me) on November 26, 2007. Timely given Pagliacci’s recent honor, written up and cross-posted on Seattlest today—and found just below the Urbanspoon information box that follows.

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What’s Cookin’: Pagliacci a National Top 10 Pick?

We’ve spoken highly (sparking some debate) of Pagliacci as our place for pizza by the slice—at least locally. But imagine our surprise while reading a recent USA Today and seeing the Queen Anne location listed as one of the country’s “10 great places for solo diners to pull up a chair.” (The article was put together in celebration of National Singles Week, which started Sunday.)

Bar Boulud in New York City with its charcuterie bar seating or round tasting table? Yes. Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House in Lynchburg (TN) with its large communal tables? Yes. The Queen Anne Pagliacci? Huh?

Yes, per the article, Pagliacci has tables close together and one small row of counter seats. So does McDonald’s. If we’re wanting solo dining in Seattle, we’re thinking of the counters at places like Steelhead Diner or Crush. Also the communal tables at places like Sitka & Spruce and Salumi. Pagliacci’s fine enough for chowing on some cheese slices, but it’s not a place where we’d go to chew the fat with strangers.

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Pagliacci on Urbanspoon

Pagliacci on Urbanspoon

Pagliacci on Urbanspoon

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