Dishin’: Morning Moon at Julia’s

We don’t go bonkers for brunch. Why pay ten, fifteen bucks for someone else’s spin on eggs or bubbling of batter when we can easily cook that stuff at home?

But friends recently came to visit from Japan and wanted to take us out for a meal before dashing off to their next destination. Time was short, so we needed a quiet, comfortable place in walking distance of our Queen Anne location. The 5 Spot: too loud. Betty: too early. Top Pot: too doughnutty. (Said friends did stop by there right after breakfast, and we should have a report on that experience soon.)

Julia’s was the answer. For the Tokyo-dwelling twosome, the setting was intriguing. They loved the homey feeling: the real and fake photos, the artifacts, and the furniture.

The menu had the usual brunch suspects. Everything was good enough, though it’s the piles of potatoes we remember most. So we turn to the photos for historical documentation. Ah. Eggs Benedict with salmon were a favorite at the table. Biscuits and gravy were fun for the first few bites. The “Best” sandwich (eggs, tomatoes, bacon, and spinach on whole wheat) was alright. And the Florentine burrito (spinach, garlic, Swiss cheese and scrambled eggs) was filling.

All too often, brunch is more about the gathering than the grub. We’re happy that our Japanese friends enjoyed the experience. They liked the setting so much that they even joked about opening a “Julia’s” in Tokyo—if they could only find such space!

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