Dishin’: Happy Enough with Il Fornaio’s Happy Hour

You’ve got free passes for the blockbuster-to-be that’s previewing at Pacific Place. The movie starts at 7:00, but there’s sure to be an overflow crowd, which means the line will start snaking its way around the top floor of the mall well before 6:30. You need to stay close. Yet your stomach is growling, though there’s no time for a full meal; besides, you’re on a budget. (Todai is too much on both accounts.) What to do?

We had this dilemma recently, and decided to try Il Fornaio—a few floors down from the theater. Lucky to land bar stools near the bread (see some backstory on this), our eyes wandered over to a little table of goodies. Hey, it’s happy hour! Ever-changing trays of bruschetta: first mushroom and arugula, followed by ham, next shrimp, and then—is that egg salad with apple? Inside a hot tray are pieces of pizza with ham and mushrooms. Chicken wings later join them. We could complain that the pasta was pasty and that nothing was so special (and, by the way, where were the risotto balls and calamari we’d heard about?), but we can’t be too harsh. Our small plates piled up almost as fast as they do at a kaiten sushi place, but no one was going to count them up and calculate a price. This food was free. Happy hour at Il Fornaio made us happy enough with what we had, and happy to make a mad dash up the escalators to jump in line, just in time for our movie.

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