What’s Cookin’: Savoring Seattle, One Step at a Time

Follow the pink umbrella. Seattlest felt silly taking a tour in its own city—but we’re pleased to report it was tasty fun.

Angela Shen is founder of Savor Seattle food tours, and while she’s been conducting a 2-hour Pike Place Market Tour, she’s pleased to unveil her newest offering: a 3-hour Gourmet Downtown Seattle Tour. Although she’s a relative newcomer to Seattle, Angela has gained encyclopedic knowledge of our city; combined with her zest for food and zest for life (and Madonna-like ways, as everyone on tour gets high-tech audio equipment that makes it a joy to follow along), even locals have a lot to learn about life in and around Pike Place Market. Beer, booze, bites and brothels are all topics of conversation; those bites include actual samples at such stops as Andaluca, Serious Pie, Place Pigalle, The Confectional, Gelatiamo, Cremenelli Meats, Chocolate Box, Bavarian Meats Delicatessen, and Pike Pub and Brewery.

We had a chance to chat with Angela, who likes to answer questions both on and off tour:

What do you like most about Seattle?

The weather. I kid you not. After living in Minneapolis, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Boston, and NYC…I’ll take a few cloudy mornings and mist any day. Sure beats hot and sticky, snow you have to shovel and drive through, and mosquitoes the size of a small baby’s head.

What’s the hardest part of walking backward?

Having a homeless person or a street sign sprout out of nowhere. But usually I can tell by the facial expressions of the people in my group that I’m about to run into something, so I’m usually ok.

What Tom Douglas dish do you wish you could sample everyday?

Oh wow, that’s tough. For fall/winter, I’d have to go with the coconut red curry with albacore tuna at Etta’s Seafood Restaurant, and spring/summer, the roasted mushroom and truffle cheese pizza at Serious Pie.

What’s your favorite part of giving the tours?

Inspiring people to either try something new for the first time (and they ultimately love it), or eat something they haven’t eaten in years because they always thought they hated it. Also, the look on their faces when they are sent off to their happy place, because of something sinfully tasty they put into their mouths.

Your favorite food for eating and walking?

If you could put foie gras on a stick, I’d take it! But short of that, I think a hot-out-of-the-oven salmon pate piroshky generally hits the spot.

What would you like to eat for your final meal?

Osso bucco with extra bone marrow, truffle risotto, Quinn’s foie gras, and Baker’s Square French Silk Pie for dessert.

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