Laksa in West Virginia? Yes!

I was spending less than a day in West Virginia, with life on the road in small-town America presenting the usual “where to eat” challenge. Not many choices of interest in Morgantown, especially since I wasn’t heading downtown. So when I got a lead on a sushi restaurant that was supposed to be good (in WV?), I followed it…only to find it is now a bubble tea joint (in WV?).

Now what? Qdoba? Bob Evans? Outback? Chains, chains, and more chains. Then I spotted the ubiquitous yellow and red sign, indicating another likely ma-ma (so-so) Chinese restaurant. But wait. This one says it’s not just Chinese, but Malaysian and Thai. That would normally scare me away (how can one restaurant do so many cuisines?), but I figure I can at least get some vegetables, which is important to me while I’m on the road.

Well, Asian Garden was a pleasant surprise. My server told me the cook is Chinese Malaysian, but with a Thai mother, which is why she’s a master of many cuisines. The menu was enormously long (about 200 dishes), so I asked for a suggestion, and the cook herself came out to talk with me. We settled upon ajat (mixed vegetables in sweet and spicy sauce topped with crushed peanuts) and laksa (even though she advised me that she wouldn’t serve bean sprouts, since they didn’t meet her quality standards). The laksa was great, with wonderful coconut curry flavor, and packing a nice amount of heat. Easily as good as any laksa I’ve had in Seattle! And to think I found it in Morgantown. I’ll be back, next time I’m in West Virginia…

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  1. September 12, 2008 at 4:59 am #

    I was one of the original crew (Sushi chef and head Kitchen Chef) who opened up Diakoku Sushi Restaraunt, which is now the Bubble Tea and Dimsum Cafe in Morgantown, WV. The Sushi closed after the owner/Head Sushi Chef, Yukio Tanaka-san left.

    The Bubble Tea cafe is owned and operated by one of the former wait staff at Diakoku, Helen.

    There’s lots of great places still in Morgantown- Maxwells, which serves “California”, Acadian, Pasta, and Seafood cuisines. Yama- a great place to get some ramen or udon. Roses, a great Italian restaraunt, or Oliverio’s (also in Clarksburg) fine Italian dining, and the best Ceasar salad anywhere- with dressing made at the table.

    Sadly, great places like Ali-Baba Mediteranian, La Casa Mexican, and Cafe of India are gone.

  2. admin
    September 12, 2008 at 6:15 am #

    Ravin, thanks for taking time to write. Sorry to miss the previous incarnation of that location. Will keep the other places in mind next time through town!

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