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Dishin’: Salmon Gone Wild at Oceanaire

This Seattlest is heading east for a long trip that will ultimately end in Nova Scotia—which is famous for lox. And that reminds us of the salmon-filled dinner that Oceanaire Seafood Room recently prepared for us. Nice setting, nice people, and a nice variety of…

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Dishin’: Behold the Banh Mi

We’ve already sung the praises of the $3.00 meal at Saigon Vietnam Deli, which has also been our favorite place for banh mi sandwiches—specifically the banh mi thit nuong, or barbecued pork. So when we heard rave reviews of said sandwiches at a heretofore overlooked…

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Dishin’: Some Beef, and Beefing about Sunset Supper

We thought we’d offer a quick look back at the Sunset Supper, which we previewed a few weeks ago and then attended. Actually, our view much of the evening was what you see in the photograph: the backs of a bunch of people standing in…

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How It Cooks at Little Chinook’s

Following last week’s swanky sushi soiree in Madison Park, it was time for us to get back to our roots. We wanted something more worker-class. Inspired by Seattlest’s spirited discussion of fish and chips, we decided to go to Little Chinook’s at Fishermen’s Terminal.

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Bites Has Bitten the Dust

As long as we’re on the topic of closures, here’s another to report: Bites has bitten the dust. Those wanting better Japanese and general Asian food could find it steps away in the International District. Taking advantage of its proximity to Qwest Field, perhaps the…

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Dishin’: Pigging Out at Spiga’s Ferragosto

August 15 in Italy is Ferragosto, a holiday in which many Italians head to the beach and go to festivals featuring parades, music, food, and fireworks. Last weekend, Osteria La Spiga brought this festival off the streets and into its restaurant, and served up a…

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Dishin’: Noshin’ at Nishino

Still in the fish club of sorts, we snuck into Nishino at the very end of the November 25 for $25 promotion.
This was a big step for Seattlest. Lucky of late to make frequent trips to Japan, we’ve been hesitant to spend our hard-earned…

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Laksa in West Virginia? Yes!

I was spending less than a day in West Virginia, with life on the road in small-town America presenting the usual “where to eat” challenge. Not many choices of interest in Morgantown, especially since I wasn’t heading downtown. So when I got a lead on…

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Dishin': Something Fishy at this Club

To 25 for $25, or not to 25 for $25: That is the question. And subject of some debate.
We’re always tempted by the big names that are participating, but hesitant due to occasional reports of sub-par service and small portions. (Nishino is notorious for…

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What’s Cookin’: Claudio Corallo Chocolate in Ballard

Is Seattle going chocolate crazy? Theo Chocolate is doing chocolate massages, meditations and barbeques. Joule is dipping chicken liver in dark chocolate. There’s even a store called Chocolopolis.
Claudio Corallo Chocolate is the newest contributor to the chocolate frenzy. Actually, they’re not so new, but…

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