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Are Din Tai Fung’s Soup Dumplings Worth the Wait?

Taiwanese export Din Tai Fung, famed for its xiao long bao and ...

Building an Eating Itinerary: Chicago as a Case Study

“How do you decide where to go eat?” This is the most ...

Eight Great Bowls of Ramen to Slurp in Tokyo

I once read that there are over 20,000 ramen restaurants in Tokyo. ...

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Dough Zone Delights with Noodles, Dumplings, Pancakes, Buns, and More in Bellevue

With the kitchen pumping out baskets of xiao long bao, there are inevitable comparisons to Din Tai Fung. So what’s the verdict on quality?

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The Mein Man Makes Biang-Biang Noodles

I’ve obviously exhibited a lot of enthusiasm lately for hot oil-seared biang-biang noodles. They’re addictively delicious! So, I’ve wondered, why not make them myself? Here’s the start of the journey…

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A Trio of New Tonkotsu Ramen Shops, Seattle to Vancouver, with a Surprise Favorite

Following my recent trip to Fukuoka, Japan’s home of tonkotsu ramen, I was especially interested in trying three brand new places close to Seattle. All feature Japanese chefs putting their spins on porky noodle soup, with one standing out above the others.

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QQ mini Hot Pot Is a Hot Spot for Noodles in a Grocery Store

QQ is another place for hot oil seared biang biang noodles. So…how do QQ’s noodles compare to Biang’s?

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Biang! Serves Little Bowls of Garlic and Big Bowls of Noodles

The owner confesses that she doesn’t like noodles anymore, but her noodles are something special, whether oil-seared or layered until a big plate of chicken.

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An Omnivore Feasts (Again) on Montreal

A highlight of this trip was a massive portion of horse tartare, which wasn’t even something I ate at the Omnivore Food Festival. It’s at the festival that I had one of the most memorable dishes so far this year.

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Three Delicious Days in Portland, Oregon

It’s easy to be envious of the Portland restaurant scene. But what’s best? Here’s a current eating itinerary that will provide pleasure to adventurous and ambitious food lovers seeking satisfaction from breakfast to late-night meals, with snacks and coffee thrown in for good measure.

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A Little Luxury Overnight in Vancouver, BC

In contrast to the multi-day, Chinese food feeding frenzies I normally enjoy and recommend north of the border, here’s a sample itinerary that will fill you with culture, outdoor adventure, superb dining (both Asian and European), and unique experiences with tea, coffee, and beer.

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Coffee Equipment Enhancements Make Mornings More Magical

It’s approaching two years since I got my Hario “barista station” set-up, a major upgrade from my previous haphazard brewing system. Now a true coffee aficionado, I’ve tried some new gear. Here’s what I’ve added…and rejected.

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On the Tonkotsu Ramen Trail: From Its Birthplace in Fukuoka to the Boom in Bellevue and Seattle

After a tonkotsu ramen immersion in Fukuoka (and Tokyo), I return to Seattle to try three new restaurants serving the same style of ramen here. One is great, one is good…and one is a flop.

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