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Published in Lucky Peach: A Dumpling Crawl Through Richmond, British Columbia

This crawl will steer you toward some of Richmond’s gems while offering ...

A Dream Trip to Chengdu, China

Someone told me you come to China for food, but you come ...

Building an Eating Itinerary: Chicago as a Case Study

“How do you decide where to go eat?” This is the most ...

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Recommended Asian Restaurants in the Seattle Area: Master List

Here's a compilation of links to lists of my favorite Asian restaurants broken down into different categories.
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Published on Eater: My Recommended Restaurants in Richmond, BC

Eater Travel put together a first-ever list of the most dynamic food cities in the world right now, and I was honored to be invited to write about one of the nineteen.
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Return to Chengdu: A Photo-Heavy Food Journey

This trip, like my last, offered the usual noodles, ma po tofu, and other spicy Sichuan dishes. But, as a bonus, I also had an amazing chance to shop and cook a few favorites.
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Jay’s Five Best Asian Bites of 2018

Selecting five favorite bites of the year is a great challenge. My picks come from places both new and old, and naturally feature a lot of noodles.
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Two Types of “Hot” Pots Are Currently King in the ID

Whether dry or hot, pots are engaging and interactive dining experiences that are definitely delicious. Here are two new ones to try.
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Bun Bo Hue Offers Bounty in a Bowl at Ba Bar and Hoang Lan

Get to know the hotter, sexier, spicier Vietnamese noodle soup, and you just might pho-get about pho.
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Sichuan Street Food Spices Up Mount Baker

Sia Zhang and Alison Deng are trying to spice things up in Mount Baker. As owner and manager, respectively, of the newly opened Little Chengdu, they are bringing the heat to an area otherwise known for cool and crisp Vietnamese food. In fact, their location…
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Look for Lao dishes at Viengthong

You might come to Viengthong for Thai food, but you'll come back for the Lao dishes.
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Soma Brings Soba Back to Seattle at Kamonegi

Buckwheat noodles, much of it grown in our own backyard, is making a splash at this new restaurant.
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Dough Zone Brings Dumplings and More to the International District

Dough Zone’s xiao long bao, a must-order, are as good as the ones at Din Tai Fung. They’re just as delicate, and they actually have more of the tell-tale droop that comes from the hot soup inside.
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